“Olusum Ambalaj” company, which took its first step into production in 2000, initially aimed to meet the needs of the sector by producing multi-layer lamination (cloth, paper, cardboard materials, etc.), flexible packaging products, iron and steel packaging materials. In this direction, in order to maintain its presence in the growing market, it has started to produce cardboard cups and containers under the Kartonbar brand by developing its product range.

In addition to sustaining its economic existence, it has aimed to protect natural values ​​and human health by choosing environmentally friendly and recyclable raw materials.

The company continued its investments and started the production of plastic containers, glasses and plates produced with Polypropylene sheet, Polystyrene Sheet and Thermoform.

“Olusum Ambalaj” will maintain its leadership in the market, set an example to the society with its social responsibility awareness, and will continue to expand to the world with all its products.